Celebrating Sensei Les White’s 50 Years in Aikido

Celebrating alongside Sensei Les White on the day will be:

  • Sensei Gwynne Jones  8th Dan (Shin Gi Tai)
  • Sensei Jack Poole  7th Dan (UK Shinwakai)
  • Sensei Garry Masters 7th Dan (Ken Shin Kai)
  • Sensei Richard Portsmouth 7th Dan (Traditional Ueshiba)
  • Sensei John Jenkin 6th Dan (Koshinkan)
  • Sensei Roy Shepherd 6th Dan (Kurai)
  • Sensei Jon Stokoe 6th Dan (Shin Gi Tai)
  • Sensei Marill Poole 6th Dan (UK Shinwakai)
  • Sensei Frank Burlingham 5th Dan (Institute of Aikido)
  • Sensei William Timms 5th Dan (Institute of Aikido)

 £25 – with proof of BAB Insurance. Non BAB Members £5 additional for temporary insurance.

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