Welcome to Traditional Aikido Ryu

Aikido is a great martial art for you to learn, because it is both spiritual in nature and a self-defence technique. The goal is to blend with your opponent, so that their strength and weight are used against them. This means you can be young or old, small or not particularly sporty, and still be able to practice aikido. In our multimedia section, you’ll find videos of aikido that illustrate this.

Our club, Traditional Aikido Ryu (or Ashford Aikido club), has been running since 1975, and all our instructors hold national coaching awards. This means you get high quality teaching.

We practice traditional Aikido (with influences from the ‘Iwama’ style), and we are a small and friendly organisation. Although we’re also called Ashford Aikido Club (it’s a long story), we actually practice in Staines.

You’ll find us at the Staines and Laleham Sports and Leisure (SALSAL), Worple Road, Staines-upon-Thames, Middlesex, TW18 1HR (opposite the Angler’s Retreat pub), on Thursdays 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm. Note – We are currently closed for the time being.

Anyone interested in learning Aikido can join the adults class. We’re considering opening a children’s club for 10 years old and above, so do contact us if you have children. In the meantime, we’ll consider 14-16 year olds in our adult class.

Over 40? A lot of people start practicing aikido later in life, as it places less strain on the body than many other martial arts. You see people training in their Seventies and Eighties (although not necessarily being thrown).

Officers from the Prison Service and the Police Service are most welcome. Past and present club members have included staff from Feltham YOI, Wandsworth prison and the MPS. Aikido has many similarities to Control and Restraint techniques, so it can assist you in your working activities.

We also welcome students from other Aikido styles who wish to broaden their experience. You’re welcome to come along and join in or just watch.

You can email or phone in advance to confirm the session is running and discuss any queries you may have.